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1. About

Businesses have a world of choice when they invest their capital. Quality of living plays a key role in their decision-making process. Cities that stand out will attract investment and skilled workers, and will be appealing to families and tourists. So how can you leverage your city’s unique strengths to differentiate it from other locations?

Mercer’s Quality of Living reports use a globally-consistent data-collection process and a proven methodology that allows benchmarking a city’s living standards with other international cities.

2. Project

Mercer wanted to further explain and introduce their city benchmarking reports to generate a wider interest from cities around the world. The release of the video was to coincide with Mercer’s much anticipated annual Quality of Living survey ranking.

We created a series of videos for Mercer’s Quality of Living reports. This first one is aimed at municipalities: ‘how to attract investment by improving your city’s quality of living’. The videos are entirely produced by labelV from script writing, storyboard, creative direction and animations.

VIEW the QUALITY OF LIVING video: How to protect your investment in expatriate assignments.

Project Details

Client: MERCER

Date: 01/03/2017


Video series produced for Mercer's Quality of Living reports. Creative concept, script writing, storyboard, VO & animations.

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