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Protecting your investment in expatriate assignments

1. About

New career opportunities overseas can be exciting but also challenging for your employees and your business. So how do you put together an expatriate package that’s attractive to employees while maximising the chances of a successful assignment?

Meet John.

John is married with two children and works for a global organisation in Zurich. His company offers him an exciting new job opportunity which means relocating to Nairobi for five years. John and his wife do some online research and talk to friends who know Nairobi. They discover that the new job will mean a drastic change to the family’s current lifestyle. Naturally, they feel anxious about the move and have many questions.

2. Project

We wanted to tell a story, the one of an expatriate sent abroad with his family. So we created a real case study. By working closely together with Mercer, we were able to identify the challenges that both the expatriate and the company are facing.

How to protect your investment in international assignments by making sure your expatriates are happy to move and to stay for the entire duration. That they have all the information at hand and that their packages represnt good incentives.

We had a lot of fun creating this video. Aiming to make a rather complicated, corporate topic fit into a 90 seconds video, that tells an engaging story yet stays informative. We kept an up-beat rhythm and varied the animations.

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Project Details

Client: MERCER

Date: 01/04/2017


Video series produced for Mercer's Quality of Living reports. Creative concept, script writing, storyboard, VO & animations.

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