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1. About

Billiga is a Swiss based online insurance comparison website with a reverse bidding approach. Allowing users to request and receive offers from insurance brokers directly from the website.

To increase the quality of their leads, further engage with its users and increase the website’s requests, Billiga were looking at creating short videos that would explain each of the insurances in a fun and innovative way to help users in their decision-making process. The videos would also be a great content tool to help Billiga position themselves in the market. These informative and engaging videos would need to be produced in French, English and German for the entire Swiss market.

2. Project

labelV launched a series of short videos for each main insurance policy around the theme ‘How does it work? / Comment ca marche?’. Utilising hands to animate props and play situations that explained the various insurances together with every day examples of scenarios for when the insurance would apply. labelV took on the project from the initial creative concept, script writing, filming, voice-over management in English, French and German and post-production of 9 individual videos in each language.

Successfully picked up by TV and the Press, the films were an innovative, engaging and fun way to explain a rather dry and complex insurance topic. Billiga also gained market share from the videos with improved SEO ranking and increased conversion rates.

Project Details


Date: 10/09/2012


A series of videos and animations in English, French and German explaining in simple, fun and engaging ways how insurances work in Switzerland. Interactive content giving users a better understanding of the complex universe of insurances.

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